Coins & Steel (C&S) leverages blockchain technology to make your presence in the game unique. The economy is built around finite resource, and with that, each player becomes a potentially integral part of that economy, and the world as a whole.

Why Blockchain?

As well as bringing truth to the concept of you being a unique hero in an online world, blockchain will bring other benefits.

With Coins & Steel we are focusing on building an amazing game first and foremost. We are using blockchain technology because it will allow us to empower players more than ever before. But to make that matter, we will build a world and experience that players will feel engaged with.



No ownership

MMOs and RPGs are often sprawling epics, that ask the player to spend countless hours. Unfortunately, MMOs can close down. You may have just found an awesome sword, but no longer anywhere to test it.

Lack of transparency.

Game operators can manipulate loot drops, alter existing items, create backdoors, and more. Cash-grabs are not uncommon.

Trade Restrictions

When games have offered a marketplace for players to buy and sell items, they are more often than not, walled gardens where it can only be done within the game itself.

Option to pay.

Developers rely on you spending your cash in their game. In most cases, you can’t directly earn money while you’re playing.


Benefits of

Complete Ownership

Your hero, your items, resources, weapons, these truly are yours. You have full ownership of everything that you have kept over your adventure.

Transparency and proven fairness.

The game is built on the Loom network and ties assets on the Ethereum platform. This means that everything in-game is accessible to the public, and anyone can verify existing game rules.

Open Market.

Buy, sell and trade your items with anyone, anywhere. You are not confined to the Coins & Steel marketplace.

Option to earn currency.

You can earn STL tokens just by playing Coins & Steel - and you can convert STL into Ether. Sell your items or characters to other players for STL or Ether!

Most blockchain games tend to be rather simple and focus on implementing technology instead of creating a fun experience. We want to apply the advantages of blockchain technology to deliver fun gameplay.

What we offer

Transparent game development

Built by us, but played by you. We will be sharing what features to expect, new content, and the direction that we are going.

Fully decentralized

No downtime. No removal. The game will always run, and your items, your avatar, will always exist. They are your items, and this is your world. Our aim is to facilitate your discovery.

Unrestricted in-game marketplace

Everything that exists in Coins & Steel is unique and ownable. And when you own items, they’re yours to handle in any way you wish. Sell them, keep them, trade them. Choose to do this inside the C&S Marketplace, or elsewhere. This is the choice you have for your items.

Founders Sale

Heroes, the Founders Sale is live! Join the adventure today by getting your hands on limited and exclusive weapon and armour skins!

Tokenized economy

All of the items, equipment, resources, everything that contributes to the in-game economy is tokenised. It’s all exchangeable, and has value beyond Coins & Steel. From a shard of mined ore, to a player crafted legendary weapon, everything within the game exists as a tradable asset on the blockchain.

Build, craft,

Crafting is an essential part of Coins & Steel. Create a wide range of useful things like potions, scrolls, food, armour, weapons, and much more - even siege weaponry!

Real time combat

Whether facing down goblins, ogres and other beasts (PvE), or drawing swords against other heroes (PvP) - Coins & Steel has it all. With its frantic real-time combat, player’s skills are pushed to the limit. And for those looking to go big, team up with heroes across the world in epic clan battles and grand sieges!

Seamless onboarding


Don’t know where to start with blockchain? No worries, we will take care of it! It is so easy to start - you will not even notice this game is running on the blockchain. You won’t have to spend a cent to play this blockchain game. You heard correctly: there are zero fees, including zero Gas fees. This is possible thanks to the Loom Network, a sidechain solution built on top of and secured by Ethereum.

as pets? Heck yes!

Do you play CryptoKitties? If so, it’s time to put your kitty to work! Transfer your kitten to Coins & Steel and it will serve as your valiant in-game pet! Your kitty will have unique characteristics based on his CryptoKitties DNA, meaning that each kitty will have a unique appearance and unique combat properties!

Plus, you can buy hats for your CryptoKitty.
Who doesn’t like cats in hats?